Wanted internationally, dead or alive.
Partially due to hinky stuff in Pakistan.

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In character as Eliot Spencer:

1. How are you today?

Bored. We ain’t had a case in… well, bored.

2. What…is your name?

Eliot Spencer.

3. What…is your quest?

I wanna help Nate flatten con men.

4. What…is your favourite colour?

I guess black is good ‘cause it blends in on a cloudy day, and stains don’t show up after a job.

5. What…is the capitol of Assyria?

*narrows eyes at you* What do you know about that?

6. What…is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

I ain’t got time for jokes. *polishes knife*

7. How do you know so much about swallows?

What?! *knife slips* OW! *applies pressure to the bleeding cut*

8. What would you do for a Klondike bar?

*continues to polish knife*

9. Did you get the references that were questions 2-7?

Not at all. *sharpens Parker’s ankle blade*

10. What fandoms are you in?

…fan….doms? Like that thing Hardison does where he talks to weirdoes online about Harry Potter?

11. Talk about something that you love to talk about. Shit, it hs to be a question. So, for me? 

Y’know, Nathan Ford has gotta be the most honorable man I’ve ever met, I mean, I’ve seen him go without sleep for a week to help a woman in financial trouble - if that ain’t dedication, man… *continues to talk about Nate Ford for another hour or so*

My Questions:

1. Who would you RP if you could? Anyone.

2. Why?

3. Have you ever made a youtube video?

4. What was it about?

5. Do you think you’re pretty?

6. Are you aware that you probably are?

7. Ever been catcalled?

8. Ever catcalled back? (Hey, I always wonder what if…)

9. What’s your preferred operating system?

10. Do you have a vendetta against any particular technology company or developer?

11. Ever had something so small, so concretely inexpensive, and yet you’d probably crawl across a hot stove to stop from losing it, just because of whom it belonged to?


Anyone so inclined may answer these questions, preferably in Leverage character. ;D


Did I mention I have the best followers in the world? I love you guys<3

I know I haven’t really been present on the blog lately. My condition is getting harder to deal with. It’s an ugly situation and I’m sorry to have to neglect you all.

I already told Parker what happened - it was a total misunderstanding! We were- we were trying to fix the shower!

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That’s when I realized: I’m attracted to Christian Kane in every role.

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